Footwear Companies – Art Shoes, El Naturalista & Volcom Clothing

Art shoes are a Spanish footwear company that produce a wide range of shoes, boots and sandals for men and women. The women’s range of art shoes consists of Mediterranean styled sandals as well as slip on style trainers. The Art shoe company also produce a range of leather high heeled shoes that would be suitable for both a night at the pub or a business meeting. The mens range consists of a vast collection of fashion styled work boots and trainers. The art shoes men’s range is both stylish and comfortable for relaxing or more intensive sports activities. The leather used in art shoes is from hide that is naturally tempered using river stones to treat it and provide a comfortable fit.

Spanish footwear brand El Naturalista shoes are based in the community of La Rioja a region of Spain with a tradition in shoe making. El Naturalista is represented by it’s green frog logo that is a symbol of the shoe brands commitment to the environment. As a result of this many of El Naturalista shoes are made from organic materials, natural materials and dyes as well as biodegradable materials.

Volcom Clothing are a sportswear clothing and footwear brand that have branched out into producing ecological clothing. Volcom clothing’s commitment to using organic and biodegradable materials in the production of their clothing can be seen in the organic Volcom range. The Volcom organic designs feature clever slogans encouraging the wearer to use alternative means of transport and to recycle. These are t-shirts with a conscience.

Becoming Mainstream – The Rise of Skate Clothing Brands

Skateboarding has become a popular extreme sport that is far removed from its days in the underground. Skateboarding is now part of mainstream culture with all aspects of the skating lifestyle infiltrating our everyday lives. From Tony Hawk computer games to The Simpsons movie it has become part of popular culture. One of the big success stories of skateboarding has been the transition of skate clothing brands into high street stores. Skate clothing brands from Vans, Etnies shoes and Volcome clothing can all be found in high street sports shops.

Clothing brands like Volcome clothing and Vans shoes were originally founded by people that were involved in sports like skating and surfing. Thanks to their understanding of these sports it has allowed them to produce skate clothes that meet the needs of the average skateboarder and fit in with the skate clothes style. This has resulted in many of the top clothing brands producing innovative designs that have attracted the attention of those outside of their key demographic.

Etnies shoes are a skateboarding brand that was started by a professional skateboarder from France and Volcome clothing was started by a couple of skate and snowboarding fans. Etnies shoes have gone on to produce some of the most respected and trusted skate shoes whilst Volcome have become the choice brand of the slopes with the Volcome snow range. Both these skateboarding clothing brands are proof that by designing clothes and footwear to increase performance for a specific sport you can create a successful clothing brand. DC Skate Shoes are another skate clothing brand that spends a large amount of research and development of DC footwear.